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Smartphone or other handset broken? No problem! BASE handles the repair!

Register for repair

Is your device insured? Want to have your device repaired because it’s broken or damaged? If so, you cannot register your device for repair here. There is a completely different process. Please contact your insurer first.

Before starting the repair application, please check the following :
  • Do you have the device IMEI number ?
  • Has all sensitive info been removed from the device ?
  • Do you still have the invoice ?

How does it work?

1) What's the problem?

Register your handset online and describe the problem in detail.

2) Select transport

Have your handset picked up when it's convenient for you. Or send it to us yourself. You choose!

3) Repair

We'll keep you informed. But you can also check how far along we are with your repair via the handy Track & Trace page.

Would you like to be informed when we start your repair?

Enter your Track & Trace code and we'll tell you everything you want to know.

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